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Dear shawols, mvps, and any one who loves shinee all around the world


Especially if you run a blog which posts every single pics of Onew, please check that logo and don’t post any picture that has that logo

Why? She is a SASAENG

-she followed onew to the lotj filming, took pictures of him in the airport, in the bus, and the jungle
-she went inside the backstage and took a photo of onew walking through the hallway
-she took a picture of onew INSIDE AN AIRPLANE SLEEPING
-she took a picture of onew going/coming out of restroom in the airport

No matter if its taken in official schedule or not, we should not share/post/spread her photos.

She was warned, criticized many times, but she did not stop. So giving her your support and liking her photos only makes this situation worse because she will never stop if there are “fans” who “seek” her photos.

Also, photos of artists that are taken in front of SM buildings are too, mostly by sasaengs. So be more careful please

I don’t want to love shinee by disturbing their personal space. I hope we all do too.

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34|100 SHINee photos (by shinee-as-super-heroes).

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